Research Topics

Architectural history issues
The architectural history issues are research and communication about interactions between urban landscape and its depiction, based on a case study of Dresden’s architectural development in the 20th century. This includes questions about the evolution and transformation of an urban landscape, photographic documentation strategies, and how these shape history.

Methodology issues
The methodology issues are meeting the research requirements for digital image and map source repositories and developing technical support options for these. This involves naming and systematizing the need for support, such as identifying, contextualizing, or visually comparing sources. Another aim is to develop different usage scenarios, for example for communicating architectural history.

Information technology issues
The information technology issues are needs-based information modelling and its technical applications, based on a case study of the Deutsche Fotothek. This involves aspects of processing and linking historical media and knowledge, including time and place, into a virtual research environment. It also includes researching and developing visualization and information access, via a 4D browser and as location-based augmented reality.

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