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    Round Table "Visualizing Hypotheses: Practical Handling of Uncertainty in Digital 3D Models"

    10:40 – 12:20

    Vienna City Hall, Austria

    At the conference “Cultural Heritage and New Technologies” (CHNT) the round table Visualizing Hypotheses: Practical Handling of Uncertainty in Digital 3D Models will be held by Dr. des. Heike Messemer (University of Würzburg), UrbanHistory4D, and PD Dr. Christiane Clados (University of Marburg):

    Date: Wednesday, 6 November 2019
    Time: 10:40 am – 12:20 pm
    Location: City Hall of Vienna, Austria Room: Top 319

    The aim of the round table is to bring together scholars from different disciplines to discuss how hypotheses and uncertainties are visualized in scientific 3D reconstructions and how this can be handled in the future:mHow shall we deal with uncertainties in digital 3D reconstructions of cultural heritage architecture, cultural artefacts, individuals, and fossils? How can hypotheses be visualized in presentations for experts and the general public? What is the state of the art, and which factors influence the visualization of hypotheses? What can be the methods/designs/visions for the future?

    Presentations will be held by:

    Oliver Bruderer, Switzerland: From the fragment to the big picture
    Dominik Lengyel and Catherine Toulouse, Germany: Architectonic design as method of visualizing hypotheses
    Marcin Szyma, Jacek Czechowicz, Krzysztof Czyżewski and Marek Walczak, Poland: A Digital Reconstruction of a Lost Work of Micro-Architecture
    Katharina Ute Mann, Germany: Hypotheical reconstruction of antique sculptures in colour

    We are looking forward to inspiring presentations and an exciting discussion.

    The CHNT conference takes place from 4-6 November 2019 at the City Hall in Vienna, Austria.

    More information on the conference, registration and schedule can be found at the conference website.